Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles combine education with good times! Featuring some of our best-selling designs, your children will love assembling together their jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. This puzzles span a differing collection of art that truly places you in contact with past, present and other imaginary civilisations

Puzzle artists design vast of a unique wooden puzzles and puzzle pieces for each picture that add charm and excitement to the experience of making a puzzle.

Why are Wooden puzzles unique

How pleasant it is to have capacity to go and enjoy some very low-tech down time with this amazing Wooden jigsaw puzzles. Now jigsaw puzzle lover might think that a wooden puzzle with less than 1000 pieces isn't exceptionally challenging but take another look, with each unique piece you'll have tons of fun assembling the puzzle!
Giving someone a framed print of a Monet is great although you really can't have any fun with a framed print. However giving someone a really challenging puzzle that will actually form a Monet when finished that could be a lot more enjoyable. Wooden jigsaw puzzle would definitely make an excellent gift for anybody that loves doing jigsaw puzzles.
Even for those individuals who find themselves not typically into jigsaw puzzles, will recognize the superb quality and workmanship of these beautiful wooden puzzles. and additional bonus is that with all the jigsaw puzzle solving you'll be giving your brain extra exercise it needs to stay healthy as we age.
Artifact Puzzles is a maker of wooden jigsaw puzzles working out of Menlo Park California in Silicon Valley. The business was established in 2009 by University of Washington electrical building educator Maya Gupta, and was initially situated in Seattle, Washington. Unlike conventional wooden jigsaw puzzles which are hand-cut by jigsaw, Artifact Puzzles laser-cuts 1/4" thick 3-handle plywood. The puzzle pieces are outlined by a craftsman for each new puzzle, and don't take after a steady style of cut. For instance, some of their puzzles have conventional handle connectors, while others have piece connectors shape like mists, hearts, fledgling feet, horse hooves, and old Greek images. Like conventional wooden jigsaw puzzles, a large portion of their puzzles have "whimsy pieces", which are pieces molded like conspicuous objects. These pieces are intended to coordinate the subject of each puzzle, and range from a cow hopping over a moon in one of their Daniel Merriam puzzles, to pieces formed like ballet performers in their Degas confound. The organization offers more than 200 distinct puzzles of an expansive scope of workmanship, with an uncommonly vast determination of unconventional neo-surrealist craftsmanship and sixteenth century Dutch craftsmanship.
Liberty Puzzles are a return to the brilliant period of jigsaw riddles. Every one contains many hand-drawn "caprice" pieces complicatedly cut into the states of characters, creatures, and geometric plans. They are centerpieces inside craftsmanship. The riddles are made with 1/4" plywood and utilize propel print innovation for eye-popping shading. They offer more than 650 distinct puzzles on this site, and they include new things year round.
Liberty Puzzles are produced in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
These excellent, hand-made wooden puzzles are unthinkable for youngsters to put away. Wide selection incorporates great jigsaw confounds, peg puzzles, and handle puzzles, and also baffles with unique components like those that have worked in sounds and lights, and even puzzles with finished textures! It's simple to discover a flawlessly fitting puzzle for anyone, with brilliant, bright representation and drawing in subjects.

Since Kevin Wentworth Preston established The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company in 1994, company have been delivering one of a kind and unpredictably created wooden jigsaw puzzles from the factiry in the heart of the Wiltshire field.
The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company (otherwise called Wentworth Wooden Puzzles) produces jigsaw puzzles with "whimsical" formed pieces mirroring the subject of the picture depicted on the puzzle.

Wentworth Puzzles make idealize endowments and are a delightful diversion from the anxieties and strains of regular day to day existence. In our current reality where it's anything but difficult to get devoured by the sole quest for electronic contraptions, you'll locate our extraordinary image of wooden jigsaws an engaging and remunerating elective. Regardless of what your age or experience, we have a jigsaw for everybody – from 25 to 1,500-piece puzzles to suit the beginner hobbyist or the bad-to-the-bone veteran.


These are my favorite wooden jigsaw puzzles, mainly Artifact Puzzles and Wentworth wooden puzzles! If you want to see whole list click HERE.
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