Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles combine education with good times! Featuring some of our best-selling designs, your children will love assembling together their jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. This puzzles span a differing collection of art that truly places you in contact with past, present and other imaginary civilisations

Puzzle artists design vast of a unique wooden puzzles and puzzle pieces for each picture that add charm and excitement to the experience of making a puzzle.

How pleasant it is to have capacity to go and enjoy some very low-tech down time with this amazing Wooden jigsaw puzzles. Now jigsaw puzzle lover might think that a wooden puzzle with less than 1000 pieces isn't exceptionally challenging but take another look, with each unique piece you'll have tons of fun assembling the puzzle!
Giving someone a framed print of a Monet is great although you really can't have any fun with a framed print. However giving someone a really challenging puzzle that will actually form a Monet when finished that could be a lot more enjoyable. Wooden jigsaw puzzle would definitely make an excellent gift for anybody that loves doing jigsaw puzzles.
Even for those individuals who find themselves not typically into jigsaw puzzles, will recognize the superb quality and workmanship of these beautiful wooden puzzles. and additional bonus is that with all the jigsaw puzzle solving you'll be giving your brain extra exercise it needs to stay healthy as we age.

Wooden puzzle unique pieces
Artifact Puzzles is a maker of wooden jigsaw puzzles working out of Menlo Park California in Silicon Valley. The business was established in 2009 by University of Washington electrical building educator Maya Gupta, and was initially situated in Seattle, Washington. Unlike conventional wooden jigsaw puzzles which are hand-cut by jigsaw, Artifact Puzzles laser-cuts 1/4" thick 3-handle plywood. The puzzle pieces are outlined by a craftsman for each new puzzle, and don't take after a steady style of cut. For instance, some of their puzzles have conventional handle connectors, while others have piece connectors shape like mists, hearts, fledgling feet, horse hooves, and old Greek images. Like conventional wooden jigsaw puzzles, a large portion of their puzzles have "whimsy pieces", which are pieces molded like conspicuous objects. These pieces are intended to coordinate the subject of each puzzle, and range from a cow hopping over a moon in one of their Daniel Merriam puzzles, to pieces formed like ballet performers in their Degas confound. The organization offers more than 200 distinct puzzles of an expansive scope of workmanship, with an uncommonly vast determination of unconventional neo-surrealist craftsmanship and sixteenth century Dutch craftsmanship.

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Liberty Puzzles are a return to the brilliant period of jigsaw riddles. Every one contains many hand-drawn "caprice" pieces complicatedly cut into the states of characters, creatures, and geometric plans. They are centerpieces inside craftsmanship. The riddles are made with 1/4" plywood and utilize propel print innovation for eye-popping shading. They offer more than 650 distinct puzzles on this site, and they include new things year round.
Liberty Puzzles are produced in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
These excellent, hand-made wooden puzzles are unthinkable for youngsters to put away. Wide selection incorporates great jigsaw confounds, peg puzzles, and handle puzzles, and also baffles with unique components like those that have worked in sounds and lights, and even puzzles with finished textures! It's simple to discover a flawlessly fitting puzzle for anyone, with brilliant, bright representation and drawing in subjects.


Since Kevin Wentworth Preston established The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company in 1994, company have been delivering one of a kind and unpredictably created wooden jigsaw puzzles from the factiry in the heart of the Wiltshire field.
The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company (otherwise called Wentworth Wooden Puzzles) produces jigsaw puzzles with "whimsical" formed pieces mirroring the subject of the picture depicted on the puzzle.

Wentworth Puzzles make idealize endowments and are a delightful diversion from the anxieties and strains of regular day to day existence. In our current reality where it's anything but difficult to get devoured by the sole quest for electronic contraptions, you'll locate our extraordinary image of wooden jigsaws an engaging and remunerating elective. Regardless of what your age or experience, we have a jigsaw for everybody – from 25 to 1,500-piece puzzles to suit the beginner hobbyist or the bad-to-the-bone veteran.
Stave Puzzles is an American jigsaw puzzle organization situated in Norwich, Vermont. The organization was begun in 1974 by Steve Richardson and Dave Tibbetts, the name being a mix of their two initially names.
They produce hand cut jigsaw puzzles produced using cherry-sponsored, 5-layered, 1⁄4-inch (6.4 mm) wood. Fight creates a few unique puzzles sorts going from conventional puzzles, mystery puzzles which can have many open territories inside the puzzles, trap puzzles in which the puzzles can be assembled in at least two methods for which just a single is right. They additionally make three-dimensional puzzles, constrained release puzzles and finish custom puzzles. Each puzzle is given in a green and blue rectangular box and does exclude a photo of the finished puzzle


These are my favorite wooden jigsaw puzzles, mainly Artifact Puzzles and Wentworth wooden puzzles! If you want to see whole list click HERE.
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Artifact puzzles

The puzzle pieces are planned by a craftsman for each new puzzle, and don't take after a reliable style of cut. For instance, some of their puzzles have conventional handle connectors, while others have piece connectors shape like mists, hearts, fledgling feet, horse hooves, and antiquated Greek images. Like customary wooden jigsaw puzzles, a large portion of their puzzles have "eccentricity pieces", which are pieces formed like unmistakable articles. These pieces are intended to coordinate the topic of each puzzle, and range from a bovine bouncing over a moon in one of their Daniel Merriam puzzles, to pieces formed like ballet dancers in amazing Artifact puzzles Degas puzzle. The organization offers more than 75 unique puzzles of a wide scope of workmanship, however with a bizarrely extensive determination of unconventional neo-surrealist craftsmanship and sixteenth century craftsmanship. Conventional puzzles begin with the finest craftsmanship accessible. Look over a huge swath of classifications and subjects — delightful scenes or bright florals, for instance. They're regularly made with an unpredictable edge. You may ask for individual pieces, for example, names, dates, and exceptional figure shapes called outlines.
I'll share you my experience with Artifact puzzles!
I got my first artifact puzzle for my eighteenth birthday celebration, and I was so awed with states of pieces, development and the best part is that it was bit of workmanship! I quickly hung it in my room and it's in there from that point onward. From that point forward I obtained more than 50 diverse artifact puzzles it still never neglected to awe me. Hues, shapes, pictures… immaculate excellence. Before it wasn't so natural to run over and secure Artifact puzzles, yet now it is substantially more straightforward, I'm getting a large portion of them from Amazon, with quick and frequently free delivering and it's not hustle for me any longer. I'll share you a couple of my top picks, and other wonderful bits of Artifact puzzles and enable u to pick some of them! Initial one i got and have a great deal of wistful incentive to me is Artifact Puzzles – Daniel Merriam Man in the Moon, The puzzle pieces were outlined by Tara Flannery and have bubbly-formed pieces, sleep time themed caprice pieces (e.g. pieces formed like a teddy bear, an owl, a dairy animals hopping over the moon), and the edge is not straight (so there are no straight edge pieces). It has a wide range of fascinating parts and I had some good times with them.

Liberty Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzle History The vast majority consider jigsaw puzzles as the pass on cut, cardboard puzzles that are promptly accessible in the market today. Prior to the appearance of cardboard puzzles, all jigsaw puzzles were made of genuine wood and cut by hand. The United States has seen two delayed jigsaw puzzle rages, one in the mid 1900s, and the following in the late 1920s and mid 30s amid the Great Depression.
Jigsaw puzzle authorities prize old wooden jigsaw puzzles for their multifaceted nature, craftsmanship, and the "weight" of the pieces. For the genuine jigsaw puzzler, there is nothing very as fulfilling as plunking a wooden piece into put.
A Note About Puzzle Images on the Box
Customarily, jigsaw puzzles came without a photo of the puzzle picture on the container. Most essentially had a title to prod the puzzler about what the picture could be. The picture at that point unfurled as the puzzle was assembled, making more noteworthy fulfillment with the completed test.
In the soul of old jigsaw puzzles, we urge you not to take a gander at the crate picture when amassing our puzzles! Truth be told, on the off chance that you so ask for we will transport your puzzle without a picture on the case. Rather we'll give only a title and craftsman data, and additionally the puzzle measurements. Also, on the off chance that you go along with one of our puzzle clubs where we dispatch you puzzles on an intermittent premise, you have the choice of picking not to get the pictures on the container.
Puzzle Care
On the off chance that legitimately looked after, your puzzle will keep going for a long time. If it's not too much trouble utilize presence of mind. Keep your puzzle dry. Be cautious while dismantling the pieces. Our fanciful notion pieces are perplexing and can be delicate. On the off chance that you have a broken or peeling piece, a touch of Elmer's paper stick or any sort of wood paste ought to do the trap. Any "smoke" smell from the assembling procedure ought to disperse rapidly once the crate is opened and the pieces let some circulation into. On the off chance that you have inquiries or remarks or issues, please get in touch with us. We cherish got notification from our clients! Much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for Liberty Puzzles. We think you will be happy with the test of puzzles, the complexity of the pieces, and the general nature of our item. Our bigger puzzles make awesome gathering ventures for family get-aways, occasions, or only a peaceful night with companions or family. Sit Long, Talk Much!
What's more, this is the reason I adore Liberty puzzles
My most loved thing about Liberty Puzzles is that they're hard, fun, and magnificent to do. Once in a while I can't take my eyes off them. The pieces are made of wood and are cut into extraordinary outlines like individuals and creatures. Liberty Puzzles can make an awesome present for children and grown-ups. Some of them are popular pictures from specialists like Van Gogh. Also, they're made out of wood so you can utilize them again and again.
In the event that you require something amusing to do with your family and companions, Liberty Puzzles are an incredible decision! I have around five liberty puzzles. What's more, have done every one of them in a month. I feel so cheerful when I complete one of them, and I promptly put it up to my divider. I truly prescribe these puzzles.
One all the more thing… If you have a pooch or feline (or a child) be watchful! They may EAT a bit of your puzzle! In the event that that happens send a photograph of the pooch or feline with another photograph of where the piece is lost to Liberty Puzzles in Colorado and they will supplant the piece. The photo of your puppy or feline (or once more, a child) will go on the "Wall of shame" — where they put every one of the photos of the canines and felines that bite up pieces.